Polymer Modified Micro Cementitious Overlay PMCOTM


What is PMCOTM?

Polymer Modified Micro Cementitious Overlay (PMCOTM) is essentially superior strong micro cement combined with extreme hardness gravel, superior modified composite polymers and other special additives. PMCO is a durable wearing surface designed to be placed on new asphalt pavement surfaces as well as in-place asphalt pavements that has become distressed due to oxidation, surface wear, or exposure to UV, chemicals, oils, fuel, etc. It is also recommended for re-surfacing concrete bridge decks, providing a light, durable, skid resistance surface.

Benefits of PMCOTM Overlay Solutions:

  1. PMCOTM is not affected by oxidation or U.V. PMCOTM totally eliminates these problems from asphalt and preserves the asphalt for 15 plus years with minimal maintenance. This means that at least two repaving cycles are eliminated, thus saving hundreds of
    thousands of US $ every 15 years.
  2. In addition to providing extended pavement life, PMCOTM products, through the integration of properly graded aggregates into the surface material, can also provide a long-lasting friction and wearing course micro-overlay that can restore old pavements to new friction standards, or provide new asphaltic surfaces with a friction and wearing surface.
  3. PMCOTM Products can be rapidly installed on damaged substrates, allowing for the return of the pavement to service in hours, depending on climatic conditions. Due to its high strength bonding to concrete, it eliminates the age-old problem of delamination due to poor adhesion. The PMCOTM products are a cost-effective method of pavement restoration, repair and marking, and for uses designed as preventive measures before pavements reach the point of degradation. Additionally, these products can provide a greatly needed service for restoring old and new pavements alike.
  4. PMCOTM is a significant pavement preservation product since the creation of asphalt.
  5. PMCOTM addresses all of the problems that affect asphalt. It protects the wearing surface for 20 plus years and has a 5-year warranty.

6- The PMCOTM will repair a heavily oxidized road surface without any milling or additional preparation.

7- The PMCOTM material is solar reflective and reduces the heat in asphalt up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11Cᵒ) with light gray colors.

8- PMCOTM products are not just a decorative concrete material. It is an industrial coating material for roads, highways, bridges, parking lots, airport runways for those types of applications detailed above.

9- PMCOTM is a revolutionary concept. What it is a very thin coat of high strength polymer cement that literally fuses to asphalt, once you put it on you can’t get it off unless you mill it off or grind it off.

10- PMCOTM products can seal off asphalt and thus extend the life of the material. If the road surface is sealed, then the weather can get to it and deteriorate the road surface.

11- PMCOTM, material sticks to steel just as well as it sticks to asphalt and concrete.

Technical Certification of PMCOTM

PMCOTM   Tests conducted in the USA are as follows:

  1. National Center for Asphalt technology (NCAT): Completed / Approved
  2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa): Completed / Approved
  3. Department of Defense (D.O.D.): Completed / Approved
  4. Federal Aviation Association (F.A.A.): Completed / Approved
  5. U.S. Navy: Approved for Ship Test
  6. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) *: Completed / Approved
  7. Friction Test- Int L Cybernetics

PMCOTM Advantages in Summary

  1. Improves road friction.
  2. Extends the life of asphalt
  3. PMCOTM does not allow water to penetrate and reach the asphalt surface.
  4. UV rays have no effect on PMCOTM and will not degrade the surface.
  5. Prevents water degradation of asphalt.
  6. Prevents loss of stone and binder caused by oxidation.
  7. Can be colored light gray for good solar reflection.
  8. No significant loss of friction over life of material.
  9. Less expensive than 1” asphalt overlay.
  10. No milling required.
  11. Reduces hydro-planning.
  12. Stays clean from road pollution.
  13. Solar reflective SR200 cools the pavement surface.
  14. ART’s PMCOTM solutions have a 5-Year Warranty.
  15. ART’s PMCOTM solutions have an estimated 25 year lifespan. PMCOTM has been in use since 1996 in the USA, Europe and Asia.


Note: You need to have a good foundation when you use PMCO, once you seal off the surface.  Then you can extend the life of the material, if it’s sealed. The weather can’t get to it and of itself will extend the life of it.