Asphalt Road Overlay

Extending and restoring the service life of concrete and asphaltic pavements can be accomplished with the use of high-performance Polymer Micro Cementitious Overlays (“PMCO”) which comes in a standard grey color.

The PMCO overlay provides:

  1. A durable polymer cement wearing surface unaffected by water, oil, fuels, or U.V.
  2. A cement-based paving material that bonds to old or new asphalt, chip seal and concrete.
  3. A wearing surface that increases the coefficient of friction for roadways and high traffic areas through the integration of properly graded aggregates into the surface material. It can also provide a long-lasting friction and wearing course micro-overlay surface that can restore old pavements to new friction standards, or provide new asphaltic surfaces with a better friction and wearing surface.
  4. A solar reflective paving material that can reduce the temperature on pavements.
  5. A paving material that is non-hazardous with NO volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) chemicals and which is environmentally sound.



    Asphalt Road Coloring

    The PMCO product has been further refined and reformulated to provide a long lasting, colored pavement Overlay product identical to the PMCO standard overlay grey color. This revolutionary pavement-marking product yields the same durability as the PMCO product, but also exhibits the additional attributes necessary for a high-performance pavement including high retro-reflectivity, and high chromaticity retention.  Colors currently available include yellow, white, black, blue, red, green, Light reflective colors (white. Light gray) and any matched colors possible.

    Note:  The PMCO surface will cap the asphalt roadway and prevent water and UV from further destroying the roadway surface. The PMCO will NOT allow water or UV to penetrate and further destroy the asphalt road surface.

    Asphalt Road Marking

    This revolutionary pavement-marking product yields the same durability as the PMCO product, but also exhibits the additional attributes necessary for a high-performance pavement marking including high retro-reflectivity, and high chromaticity retention. Colors currently available include yellow, white, black, blue (handicap), red and green.

    PMCO surface overlays, overlay road coloring and pavement markings can be installed rapidly on damaged substrates, allowing for the return of the pavement to service in hours, depending on climatic conditions. Due to its high strength bonding to concrete it eliminates the age-old problem of delamination due to poor adhesion. The PMCO products are cost-efficient methods for pavement restoration, repair and marking, and can be used as preventative measures before pavements reach the point of degradation. Additionally, these products can provide a greatly needed service for restoring old and new pavements alike.

    Asphalt Road Crack Maintenance

    Years of oxidation causes small cracks to widen in road surfaces due to the loss of the stones in the crack wall. This is the beginning of a surface crack due to water penetrating the surface and wetting the base. The only way to prevent erosion is to prevent the loss of stone in the crack wall. PMCO eliminates stone loss and prevents crack wall erosion. PMCO protects asphalt from cracking, caused by exposure from the sun. When PMCO is applied over a crack it flows down the crack wall, locks the stones in place and prevents crack wall erosion. Crack wall erosion is caused by the binder releasing the rocks and widening the crack which then allows more water to penetrate the base thus causing more and more harm as time goes on.


      Asphalt Pothole Maintenance

      A pothole is a depression in the surface of a road, path or carpark where the tar has worn away. It will typically cause damage to tires on vehicles and bicycles. They can also affect a vehicle’s wheel alignment, suspension and framework.

      Potholes are formed when cracks develop on the surface of a road due to the tarmac heating up during the day and cooling overnight. Rainwater enters these cracks and, when the temperature drops causing the cracks to swell and eventually dislodge the aggregate in the asphalt. With added stress from vehicle traffic, potholes develop and will gradually widen and deepen thus creating an ever-increasing hazard to road traffic.



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